Russell Kuhn

is in charge to ‘hit the whole in one’. With over 25 years’ experience in local and international restaurants and 15 years active in the wine Industry, his passion for service excellence is a win for patrons.

With its name inspired by the magnificent Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, home to the annual Masters Tournament, Augusta Grill and Patisserie celebrate the fact that the Garden Route offer world-class golf courses. We aim to keep our ‘fairway’ in pristine order while creating exciting new culinary moments for patrons.

Russell and his team will be creating new and exciting dishes and together with the professional staff, patrons can look forward to a lot more years of deliciousness!

Experience our exquisite atmosphere while professional staff serve superb South African cuisine prepared with quality local ingredients. The recipes and dishes have been created with passion, experience and a love for all things culinary. Our focused approach is aimed at exceeding customer expectations.

We trust that your experience with us will be memorable and we are looking forward to welcoming you back as regular patrons of Augusta Grill and Patisserie. Bon appétit!

Authentic Tradition